We are pleased to announce the newest exhibition, BlackMaled At Birth™ at The Greenwood Gallery in Tulsa, OK.

CNOTE RS WILSON, curator, has brought a collection of art, bridging generations of abstract media to tell the story of lineage. This exhibition speaks to the Black man and the heritage of family as exposed by the systematic grids one has traveled from past to the present and its guidance in the effort to enrich the future by conscious movement.

CNOTE RS WILSON, of Cherokee and Haitian (Arawak) Indian descent, carries the inheritance of family stories from before and during the Trail of Tears and beyond to loss of roots by displacement in American Slavery. Speaking present to past to understanding of what has brought him to this point of discovery.

  • This exhibition will be on display thru February 27th, 2022 during normal gallery hours, 1p-6p, Wed-Sun.

Collectors, artwork is available for purchase!