bLERDS Red Carpet: Episode 1 Theater Screening

Circle Cinema, 10 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104

“Blerds” is a web-based, 10 episode, comedy/drama that follows the realistic,

fantastical, funny and touching lives of Charlie: The hopeless romantic and

dreamer. Tye: The family man still trying to hold on to his Nerd identity; and

Warren: The life-long bachelor and jack of all trades.

Life becomes real when two of these longtime friends find themselves victims of

corporate downsizing from an advertising firm. Charlie, who had always had the

dream of becoming a comic book writer, convinces Tye and Warren to pool their

resources together and start an independent comic book company in Charlie’s

apartment. Joining them for the ride is Retha: Charlie’s sobriety-challenged, free-spirited

sister, and colorful cast of characters.