Why is there this reluctance to feel that which you can't put your hand to at times?

I mean, we wake each day with a process. We breath, we stretch, we yawn, then we begin to think. Do we ever question the reason we are even the recipients of thinking? We have a great power that we seem to lose. Is it for the lack of belief and care or its benefits and grace? Do you ever think that without hope, one does not think?

Yes, it is a valid statement. For to hope, one must first think. Even before that, one must, believe. So, what do you think of? That answer is simply in the core of what you call your structured belief. Most artists, as myself, have a free-spirited understanding of this concept. We are not bound by the structure of nominal placements, but by the limitless structure of our beliefs. Which is how we think. Therefore, it is what we share in hope for. It is ever-changing for some. Others, it remedies of a capacity to exert the misunderstood energy that pulses through their being. Seen in its convoluted passages, at times, to experience that thirst.

What is that thirst? It is the ability to simply, touch their dreams. I've touched mine, within my spirit, today. When you can describe the yearning you feel deeply, ask yourself. Have you?!

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